Thursday, January 12, 2012

Why should you join a team sport?

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I recently tried out for my university's intermural lacrosse and floor hockey team. Now, I'm not athletic to say the least! A little out of shape describes me better. more thing! I never played lacrosse or floor hockey before either.
Why would I risk completely embarrassing myself? (Assuming how usually only skilled, experienced people try out to a university level team.)

Top 5 reasons:

1) My DREAM is to be on an intermural sports team! I was planning on this since high school.
2) Playing sports is so much fun! It's the BEST way to get exercise and stay/get fit.
3) Meet likeminded people who also love the sport.
4) Learn new skills like teamwork, cooperation and even time-management!
5) It's so rewarding. It'll look great on your resume and it's just a fulfilling experience.

6) Just a bonus reason: Team pride! GO EAGLES!!! <3 :)

 It doesn't matter if you never played the sport.You might end up absolutely loving it! So go out there and try out, even if you never heard of the sport before! ;) I forced my friend who NEVER heard of Lacrosse to try out with me and she LOVED it. She thanked me for forcing her! Besides, everyone has to start out someway.

Who knows what your next love will be? Mine is defintely floor hockey right now! (Lacrosse is #2).

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  1. I love this! I have always wanted to play soccer but unfortunately never have gotten into it! It's on my bucket list <3

    thank you for the comment!


  2. If you get the chance to join a sport I think you should definitely take that chance. Its tons of fin and you make new friends.

    I did volleyball and football in school. Basketball outside of school with friends and I took martial arts. Its great.

  3. Replies
    1. I did track and badminton in high school and yea, it is a lot of fun!! Thanks for following :D


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