Saturday, January 07, 2012

Places I want to see: Natural Wonders

There's so many exciting, beautiful world wonders out there to explore. More than anything, I want to travel the world and see what's out there; meet different people, experience new things, learn new skills and see life in new ways. If I could go anywhere, these are some of the many places I'd like to visit:

Kjeragbolten boulder in Kjerag mountains, Norway. Image from
Imagine standing up there wedged between those two huge boulders! According to the Mail Online, the small boulder isn't in any danger of dislocating but hikers standing on the dangerous surface could lose balance on a windy day. Just how far up is it? A staggering 1,000 metres up in the air! To see more pictures of this stunning boulder, visit Daily Mail.

Munnar, a south indian hill station. Image from
I feel disappointed to say I haven't been to this stunning place, though I'm from south India.You can see orange and tea plantations and see tea hand-picked and processed as you sit by a gorgeous lake nearby. Other spots nearby to see include the Echo Point, Nyayamakal waterfalls, Rajmala and the Anaimudi peak. For more information on this dazzling tourist spot, visit

The Giant Galapagos tortoise at the Galapagos Islands. Image from
I absolutely love animals! I enjoy observing exotic animals because animals are fascinating. There's no better place to visit than famous Galapagos Islands to see  incredible creatures up close.There's a vast amount of species to see for nature-enthusiasts and the islands are also gorgeous! To learn more about this incredible place, click here! 

The Blue Grotto located in Capri, Italy. Click here for image source.

The Blue Grotto is a sea cave located in Capri, Italy. I'd love to explore the dark sea cave- I'm sure it's an experience to remember forever.The Blue Grotto is declared as one of the seven natural wonders of Europe according to, where you can learn more about this magnificent wonder!

The Rock of Aphrodite. Image from
The Rock of Aphrodite in Cyprus, Greece, is said to be the birthplace of the Greek goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite. Makes sense, considering the place looks so magical and sublime!  To learn more about the rock of Aphrodite and other Cyprus attractions, click here!

The Canadian Rockies. Image from
There are lots to see and do in the Canadian Rockies, which includes several dazzling natural wonders that are part of natural parks. Activities include fishing, skiing, biking, hiking and more! To learn more about the Canadian Rockies including other great Canadian wonders, click here!

China's Colored Fields of Yunnan. Image from
Hard to believe, but it's true! This awe-inspiring photograph isn't a painting! This is a photograph of China's colored fields of Yunnan made up of infinite flower fields. Amazing, isn't it?

After searching for some of the natural wonders from around the world, I can truthfully state there's truly so much beauty and wonder in the world that I have yet to explore! I hope to travel and see all of these places someday.

What were the places you always wanted to see?

On a side note: I'm SO proud of my sister, who just published her first paper! A scholarly journal article!! So very proud of her :)  Here's the link to her paper:


  1. I sure would love to stand on that wedged boulder. Imagine the view !!

  2. cool! i would love to travel too, but standing on a rock that's stuck between two cliffs is out of the question for me! lol

  3. I'll stand on that boulder if I have the chance to :D

  4. @Sruthi and asingaporeanson, yea, no kidding! :D

    @Matthew Lol! I can see why. I'd have a heart attack but I'd force myself XD

    @Phivos Thanks a lot! :)

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  8. i liked first two pics! awesome... :)

  9. There are so many places I want to travel. I can't even choose!
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  10. Gorgeous photos! I'd love to travel the world too. :D


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