Monday, January 16, 2012

Must watch video! 'Miss Representation'

If you've never watched the documentary or the trailer for Miss Representation, you MUST! It's highly thought-provoking and relatively short, I promise! 

WARNING: It has some sexually explicit images so it's not for children! (Still, it's not that kind of video, it's more of a critique!)

Watching this, even for the second time (previously watched it for another class), I felt emotional and even angry in class today. This video sums up one of the reasons I loathe the media sometimes. And ironically, one of the reasons I want to be involved in the media at the same time; to change it.


  1. This is such an amazing video. I am glad you shared actually made me feel really angry too, men are so stupid. They need to calm down their egos and respect women. I hope you get into the media world and change things around. Good luck !

  2. nice that blog
    have a look at ours, xx hugo&anto

  3. wow, thanks for share this video. It's so inspirational and yeah I feel really angry too!! We need a change, good luck! :D

  4. Wow this really is a MUST watch video, Good Luck Changing things around!

  5. We really need ppl who think like you in today's media...thanks for sharing this...


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