Thursday, April 19, 2012

Racist Brampton Girl Video

If anyone hasn't watched it yet (I bet everyone in Brampton and nearby probably heard about it by now!), here it is:

An ignorant, foolish girl complained that there are too many brown people in Brampton. She wishes to move back to Toronto, away from the brown people and the "curry" smell.  She adds that all brown people need to go back to their own country.

When I first saw this video, I felt disgusted and even laughed when she openly gave out her twitter and facebook id, spelling her name. W-T-H!? The level of stupidity boggles my mind. How can she not expect the public outrage? Has she never heard of online bullying? But now, more than anything, I just feel sorry for this girl. Apparently, her father apologized to the public about her behavior and the girl has received some death threats (sigh, what do you expect!? Note to kids: THINK before posting incriminating or stupid content online because anyone can see it). She even had to go to school with a police escort by her side!

There were a LOT of video responses mocking her but the one that truly stands out for me is this one below:

 Best way to address racism or discrimination? Rather than insult them, educate them instead. Long live humanity!!

You can read up on more details here:

Spread love, not hate!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Remodeling the blog


Today is Friday the 13th, my lucky day :) After being infinitely lazy, I figured I'll renovate my blog and make some major changes to the layout and the content (instead of studying for my exam right now- A sneaky new way to procrastinate). I don't want to just share interesting content through my blog anymore. I want to create it! Even if my blog might not reach a wider audience this way, I know I'll be happier if I stick to what I truly love- short stories.What's more important than doing what you love?

But I'll also share interesting things when I feel that urge to share rather than create (possibly due to laziness). One more change: I'll be blogging once a week- this is going to be my goal! No more, no less.

Thanks to all those new and old loyal followers and comments- they inspired me to get back to blogging.

Happy Friday!