Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Why December?


I was sitting in Timmies on a chilly December day in Toronto, near the St.George station. The warm, sweet smell of cookies and donuts made me want to stay longer. I had a notebook with me. I started jotting down names for a new blog; A Voice in the Crowd, A Restless Mind, Flying Forward, Passions and Contemplations, and Dreaming in December. 

My favorites were 'A Voice in the Crowd' and 'Dreaming in December' since I felt inspired, planning about my blog in December. I liked the Christmas vibe to it and what it represents; joy, love, peace and dreaming in the holidays.

Christmas Tree at the Orland Airport on Dec 21, 2008 from a  Florida vacation.

I emailed and texted the list of names to my friends and they also chose the same choices! Since 'A Voice in the Crowd' was already taken on blogspot, I stuck with December.

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