Monday, December 12, 2011

Restaurant Review: Dev's Haveli

Dev's Haveli in Mississauga:

Atmosphere: It's a large venue (could probably seat a hundred!) and the atmosphere is inviting.
Food: The large variety of food is impressive. They have a lot more variety than Tandoori Flame. A wide array of desserts too, which I love! Overall, I enjoyed the food very much. Their gulab jamun was absolutely delicious.  

Service: The service was mediocre, but not bad. We didn't get our glasses refilled but our waitress was pleasant enough.

Price: $15.99 buffet Mon-Thursday.

Re-visit: Yes

Rating: 9/10

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  1. Quantity wise there is variety but quality wise needs improvement. It is bland and tasteless. I found only one or two dishes like kadhi pakora and shahi paneer ok otherwise all other veg and non-veg. dishes were tasteless and plain. One could play ball with dahin bhallas and the rasmalai. Dosas were useless with tastelss samber, they can't be called dosas at all. If dishes were spiced up in a real punjabi style and if there was decent fresh rasmalai then it could be a really good place.
    The atmosphere was nice and the service polite, the staff is quite young.

  2. Did the reviewer say good food and large variety?? Did they say 5 kitchens? one pasta dish makes italian kitchen, noodles and chilli chicken makes it chinese kitchen? wow.. Even the word "pathetic" to describe the quality of food is too good for these guys.

  3. I think they closed down... can anyone confirm this?

    1. They we're open a couple of days prior to date,

  4. Yes i went there and it was bad. Bought a deal from to check it out. Went back to GoBabu got a full refund.

  5. Yes Devs Haveli is closed

  6. yes they are closed

  7. Amazing food and I wanna go back


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