Friday, February 03, 2012

Competitive Eating at its best

How many chicken wings can you eat in half an hour? before your stomach tells you ENOUGH!

 A competitive eating champion, Takeru Kobayashi ate an astonishing 337 chicken wings in 30 minutes at this year's Philadelphia wing bowl. That's 152 more chicken wings than the previous title holder, Jonathan Squibb!

The grand prize for his grand feat? Kobayashi left $20,000 richer.
Looks like the man's still hungry!
This isn't his only huge win; Kobayashi has a huge record of such achievements! He can eat 14 twinkies in a minute, 69 hotdogs in 60 seconds, set a record for most turkey eaten in 10 minutes, and claims the title for gobbling down 43 pizza slices in 12 minutes among others. Impressive huh?

By the way, this guy isn't even chubby! He's 5'8 and weighs only 128 lbs according to his official website.
Who said you can't be fit and an accomplished competitive eater?
I always wondered how profession competitive eaters can still be in shape! So I did some research and a site mentioned overweight people cannot eat as fast or consume as much as normal people (source). I also found an informative video where a competitive eater answered lots of questions.

The video below reveals lots of frequently asked questions about competitive eating. Questions we all want to know, like "Do people puke at competitive eating contests?", or "Is it dangerous for your health?" or "Are all competitive eaters obese?" 

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Main source
Takeru Kobayashi's website


  1. Doesnt this guy also have a condition where his stomach is like 3x as big or he has a 2nd one or something? Thats kinda exploiting your condition lol..not fair.

  2. eating that much really makes you feel sick! I wonder how he did it!

  3. mmm this is making me hungry!! i love your blog, its so interesting! x

  4. I don't think I can even eat that much in a week. I mean, I sure can have an apetite...but damn!

    1. yea, I'd have a permanent aversion to wings after eating that much in a month even!

  5. Bravo! 37 chicken wings in 30 minutes!! Dayum, I would feel sick to my stomach! :/

  6. Thanks for clearing some cloudy info up for me. I have an ultra-fast metabolism, so I could be a contender, although one tasty shake threatens to put me to sleep.

  7. Hello! All these are very interesting...I did not know.Thank You very much for sharing!

  8. Wow! The very word food makes me want to droool Sujana! :) And you just mentioned about 69 hot dogs and all..MY! :)

    Great post! So much information and so much research you've done! Awesome!:)

  9. haha no comments....Great post follow u..

  10. He still has flat abs!Damn!


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